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"Biological Science (BS)" is undergraduate program for the education of necessary academic sectors in examining all the levels from the cell, the basic unit of a living creature, to an individual organism, population, and community. The course works of BS contain diverse subjects such as molecular biology, genetics, physiology, ecology, biodiversity and their evolution, and aims to cultivate competent people with a basic knowledge of bioscience and a high adaptive ability through various experiments, fieldworks, and actual practices as well as theoretical lectures. After completing these courses, students can enter relevant companies, or can become professors, researchers, and doctors by entering graduate school or medical school. Students who wish to become middle school teachers may choose the teacher training course.


1st Grade

12404 Biology Lab
19844 Biology 1
30131 Counseling for Future Planning 1
19845 Biology 2
22645 Lab. in Animal and Plant Taxonomy
30132 Counseling for Future Planning 2
12417 Systematic Botany

2nd Grade

22651 Lab. in Genetics and Developmental Biology
30133 Counseling for Future Planning 3
22695 Exercise in Field Biology
25519 Human Biology
31236 Plant Biology
31237 Phycology
12355 Biochemistry
12393 Systematic Zoology
22648 Lab. in Cell Biology and Physiology
30134 Counseling for Future Planning 4
12399 Freshwater Biology
22696 Exercise in Marine Biology
31238 Microbiology
12374 Genetics
12421 Plant Physiology
12430 Cell Biology

3rd Grade

22658 Lab. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
30135 Counseling for Future Planning 5
11987 Molecular Genetics
16504 Entomology
31239 Biomedicinal Industry
31355 Plant Molecular Developmental Biology
12396 Animal Physiology
12408 Molecular Biology
16506 Field and Lab. in Ecology
30136 Counseling for Future Planning 6
10952 Plant Molecular Biology
16511 Immunobiology
22656 Biotechnology
28845 Independent study 1
31240 Cancer Biology
12402 Developmental Biology
22652 Ecology
31006 Capstone Design 1

4th Grade

16513 Evolutionary Biology
16514 Genomics
17470 Environmental Ecology
28846 Independent study 2
31007 Capstone Design 2
31241 Brain science
60029 Science Education
60030 Science Essay
60031 Study in Curriculum and Instructional Resources of Science
60032 Teaching Methods and Evaluation of Science
16498 Bioinformatics
16510 Diversity of Organisms
37591 Capstone Design 1
28849 Independent study 3