Welcome to BK21 Plus Initiative for Glocal BioBrain Center for Daedeok R & D Innopolis (CNU BioBC).

Life science is an essential discipline to solve the challenges faced by humanity, such as the various diseases, shortage of food and energy resources and environmental pollution. It is a leading science for the 21st century that plays a pivotal role in the development of the bio-industry to serve as a growth engine for the country. Thus, all countries around the world are investing heavily in training human resources and advancing the research capability in life science.

CNU BioBC has created 'BIO-VISION 2020' as an educational vision and set up several goals of raising talented students with excellent research ability. In order to achieve these goals, CNU BioBC carry out projects related to reforming graduate education programs and establishing a research support system and an efficient university-industry cooperation system. And, most of students participating in CNU BioBC receive not only the benefits of these programs, but also financial support. We expect that CNU BioBC will contribute greatly to the development of life science and bio-industry in Korea.

This homepage was created to share information about CNU BioBC with people who are interested in CNU BioBC as well as the College of Bioscience and Biotechnolgy at CNU. We hope that everyone visiting this homepage will find the information they want and be satisfied with the information. Thank you.

Jeong-Yoon Kim
BK21 Plus Initiative for Glocal BioBrain Center for Daedeok R & D Innopolis