Brain Korea 21 Plus (BK21+)

BK21+ is a national project to boost quality of graduate schools in Korea via setting up higher standard of research and educational programs as well as general life of graduate students in the area of arts and science, in consequence, supplying the nation with highly qualified scientists in their field of research and development.

Glocal BioBrain Center for Daedeok R & D Innopolis (CNU BioBC)

College of Bioscience and Biotechnology at CNU is running a BK21+ project, of which annual budget is approximately 6.3 billion won for 7 years starting in 2013, establishing the Glocal BioBrain Center for Daedeok R & D Innopolis (CNU BioBC). CNU BioBC sets its goal as 'BIO-PIPE'- Professional education, Innovative research, Practical development, and Exellent institute in BIO area. To achieve the goals, we take concrete action as follows.

  • CNU BioBC is to reform curriculum designed for four different major track systems; Biodiversity and Environmental Ecology, Molecular Functional Biology, Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, and Plant Systems Biology. Individual interest and career plan are thereby at most respected and efficiently put into action for realization of their ultimate professional life.
  • Committees and advisory boards at CNU BioBC are organized for each student to be able to collaborate with faculty in more efficient way, giving rise to productive life for students in terms of learning and publication.
  • Various programs at CNU BioBC emphasize exchanging ideas and collaboration with the research institutes and biotechnology companies in the Daedeok Research Valley, Daedeok Innopolis, and Daedeok Research Park district.
  • All these critical elements will be integrated to push the College of Bioscience and Biotechnology at CNU forward an excellent institute, serving world wide as a leader of research and education in life science.
  • CNU BioBC offers BK21+ graduate fellowship; 7.2 million, and 30 million Korean won for master, and Ph.D program, respectively.

We foresee the picture wherein all CNU BioBC graduates are actively playing leaders in education, research, and development, changing the world better place to live in.