Hankuil Yi
  • Ph. D.
  • Hankuil Yi
  • Plant Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
  • N11-313
  • Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry (N11-314)
  • +82-42-821-6410, 7589
  • hankuil.yi@cnu.ac.kr

Academic Career

  • Ph.D., 2008, Washington University in St. Louis, USA


  • Post-Doc., 2008-2011, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA
  • Research Scientist, 2012-2013, Molecular Plant Pathophysiologist, Monsanto Company, USA

Research Interests

  • Structure/function relationship and evolution mechanism of SNC1 and RPP4 disease resistance (R) protein

    R proteins in plants are used to detect the presence of pathogens and initiate the defense signaling against invading pathogens. Because of the deleterious effects in growth and development, the expression levels of R proteins are tightly controlled in various ways but affected by surrounding environmental conditions. Using SNC1 and RPP4, which encode R proteins with TIR (Toll/Interleukin 1 receptor) domain, we are investigating (1) structural determinants for the functions of these R genes in different growth conditions and (2) the mechanism responsible for SNC1 hypermutation in the bal mutant background after mutagen treatment.

  • Substrate-specificity and biochemical properties of plant enzymes

    Rapid increase in numbers of plant species with whole genome sequences provides challenges in characterizing the specificity of evolutionarily related biochemical enzymes. Especially it is true for plants because genome-wide duplication and allopolyploidy leading to functional divergence of related genes, and species-specific biochemical pathways are widespread in plants.
    With comparative genomics approach based on the functional information obtained from the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and other plant species, we are characterizing biochemical specificities of enzymes from Brassicaceae plants involved in specific steps in sulfur and lipid metabolism.

Selected Publication

  • Hyun J, Lee Y, Yoon J, Yi H, Song J. 2016. Crystal structure of Arabidopsis thaliana SNC1 TIR domain. BBRC 481:146-152.
  • Yi H, Jurgens M, Jez JM. 2012. Structure of soybean beta-cyanoalanine synthase and the molecular basis for cyanide detoxification in plants. Plant Cell 24:2496-2706.
  • Yi H and Richards EJ. 2009. Gene duplication and hypermutation of the pathogen Resistance gene SNC1 in the Arabidopsis bal variant. Genetics 183(4): 1227-1234.